Stableford Trophy 3.6.17


The Stableford Trophy competition, this year sponsored by Four Seasons Contracting (Keith Amos) was played on Saturday, 3rd June, 2017, and a total of 46 members took part.      Weather conditions were excellent, dry and sunny with only a slight breeze from the southwest, although it did get stronger later in the day.      The scoring was very good with George Grant winning the day with an excellent score of 44 points. He was followed by Ian Potts on 40 points, and he pushed the redoubtable Liam Cassidy into third place by reason of a better inward half.      In fourth place was Paul MacVie on 39 points (bih).      Three players managed to record two’s at the nominated holes, and these were George Grant, John Coyle and Alan Kerr, all at the 6th, with no one managing this feat at the 18th.      These lucky players picked up £10 each for their sterling efforts.      The entry fee was £3, making a total of £138 from the 46 entrants; £100 was paid out in cash to the winners and £30 to the two’s winners, with £8 going to the contingency fund.