The Selkirk Rosebowl - 5.8.17

The Selkirk Rosebowl was played on Saturday, 5th August, 2017, and a very disappointing entry of only 10 teams took part.     The weather conditions were good and this was reflected in the scoring with John Coyle and Graeme Kerr posting a winning score of 59, well ahead of the rest of the field.     George Grant and Liam Cassidy were in second place on 64 (bih), and in third place, with another 64 were Les McAllister and Ian Wilkie. The entry fee was £10 per team, making a total of £100 from the 10 teams; and £90 was paid out in cash to the winners.      Four players scored 2 at the nominated holes, these being Les McAllister and Mitch Thomson at the 6th and George Grant and Billy Macdonald at the 18th.     Each of these players received £3 for their efforts. The total payout was £102 so the contingency fund was depleted by £4.