August Medal; Brown & Smith Cups - 12.8.17

The August medal including the Brown & Smith Cups, sponsored by N. W. Purves & Sons, Ltd., was played on Saturday, 12th August, 2017, and a rather poor turnout of only 37 members took part.     The winner and recipient of the Smith Cup with a very good score of 77 (13) 64 was Bill Walton, closely followed by Andrew Webster on a score of 78 (13) 65, and in third place was Robert J. Wilson on 84(17) 67.      Five players managed to hole out in two at the nominated holes, and these were John Coyle; Les Rutherford and Dennis Smith at the 18th; while Ronnie Douglas managed this feat at both the 6th the 18th.      The entry fee was £3 making a total of £111 from the 37 entrants; £90 was paid out in cash to the winners and £20 to the two’s winners, with £1 going to the contingency fund.