J. M. Little 36 hole stroke play Competition 2nd & 3rd September 2017

The J. M. Little competition was held on Saturday, 2nd and Sunday, 3rd September, 2017, and a rather disappointing entry of only 27 members took part.     The 1st Round was held on a good golfing day and the leaders were Donald Ballantyne on 66; Garry McShane & Grieg Temple 67; with Iain Clark, Les Rutherford, Tim Ford, Peter Henderson & Robert J 'Tug' wilson on 68.     The 2nd Round, also in good golfing weather, produced a more than worthy winner in the shape of Alister McVie with an excellent net score of 64 (134) (bsr.) closely followed by Donald Ballantyne with another good score of net 68 (134).     Third was Robert J. 'Tug' Wilson with another good round of net 69 (137).     Entry money from the 27 players was £159 (One entrant only played in the 1st round and only paid £3) and £120 was paid out in cash to the winners.    Seven players managed to get a two at the nominated holes (6th and 18th), and these were Donald Ballantyne, Bruce Bett, John Coyle, Paul McVie and Mitch Thomson at the 6th in the 1st Round, and Alister McVie and Rodney Pow also at the 6th in the 2nd Round.    They all received £4 each for their efforts, making a total of £28, leaving £11 for the contingency fund.