Yarrowford Shield Round No. 1 - 23.9.17

The first round of the Yarrowford Shield was played on Saturday, 23rd September, 2017, in perfect weather with only a slight cross wind from the south west      The leader on the day with a net score of 67 (1) 66 was Donald Ballantyne.      In second place was Greig Temple on a score of 78 (11) 67 (bih) and third on the same score of 78 (11) 67 was Thomas Bell.      Other scores were Graeme Bell, also on net 67; Jim Rae on net 68; and John Hume & Bruce Bett, both on net 69.       No contestants managed to score a 2 at the nominated holes and the two's money of £10 will be carried forward to next week.      There were only 30 members who took part, the entry fee was £3 making a total of £90; £75 was paid out in prize money, and with £10 being carried forward for 2's there was £5 left for the contingency fund.