Competition Winners 2017

Selkirk Golf Club Winners 2017

Monthly Medal Winners and Sponsors      April: M. Easson, ( Les Miller Garage Services)      May: J. Rae, ( Belmont Suzuki Garage)     June: D. Johnston, (Border Safeguard)      July: L. Cassidy, (Buccleuch Cleaners)     August: W. Walton, (N. W. Purves & Sons)     September: R.J. Wilson, (Brown & Muir)     October: G. Bell, ( Heatherlie Garage)     Gold Medal: A. Webster

Selkirk Competitions Winners and Sponsors     Archie Smail Stableford: J. A. Hume, (South East Heating)      D. A. Heard Cup: T. Bell, (Heard Hamilton Financial Services)     Alex Ponton Cup: G. Macgregor and J. Rae      Grouse Trophy: D. Johnston; D. Heard, Jr and G. Temple, (Xela Scaffolding)     Championship Q1: C. Finlay    Championship Q2: J. Rae     Championship Q3: D.A. Heard, Jr     Pollock Cup: I. Stephenson      Stableford Trophy: G. Grant (Four Seasons Contracting)     Centenary Cup: N.W. Purves, (J. Farrell)     Andrew Hill Challenge Cup: A. Rutherford and M. Brass     Muir Cup: J.A. Hume & A. Rutherford     The Claret Jug: R. Pow, (N. W. Purves)     Bogey Trophy: C. Niven    Selkirk Rosebow:l J. Coyle and G. Kerr      Captain’s Prize Day: A - W. Walton; B - E. Middlemas, (Rodney Pow)          Henderson Stableford Trophy: L. McAllister, (Alistair McVie)      John M. Little: A. McVie, (Jim Hay)      Quaich: C. Kemp, (Border Safequard)      Yarrowford Shield: J. Easson      Match Secretary's Choice: P. Henderson & L. Rutherford      Alexander Quaich: N. W. Purves      Summer Foresomes: B. Bett & G. Grant      Smith Cup: August Medal Winner - W. Walton      Brown Cup; Best 3 nett monthly medal scores - R.J. Wilson      Order of Merit R. J. Wilson     Gents Net/Gross Eclectics (Net) G. Bell (Gross) D. Ballantyne      

Open Competitions Winners and Sponsors     Senior Open 3-Man Team (Cancelled)      Open Mixed Greensome: K. & A. Allan,  (Alan McGhee) + (George J. Scott Decanter) Lowest Gross Score in above competition:- D. Cassidy & L. Cassidy       Senior Open: E. Middlemas       Selkirk Open: I. Stephenson, (Stuart Kemp)       Open 3-Man Team: D. Nichol; D.A. Heard and K. Miller, (Office Specialities)      Seniors Open Texas Scramble:  F. Miller; M. Fairclough and R. Gowdridge, (Neil Beaumont)      

Club Championship Winners, Runners-Up and Sponsors      Championship: C. Finlay - S. Henderson, (H.M.D. Contractors Ltd)          ‘B’ Championship: D.A. Heard - D.A. Heard, Jr (Ronnie G. Douglas)     ‘C’ Championship: L. Cassidy - G. Kerr, (H.M.D. Contractors Ltd)