Monthly Medal & Championship Qualifier - Rd 2 - 19.5.18

The second of the Club Championship Qualifying Rounds, played in conjunction with the Monthly Medal & Brown Cup, was held on Saturday, 19th May, 2018.  The weather was perfect for playing golf, warm and sunny with a moderate wind from the south west, but this was not reflected in the generally high scores submitted by the 58 entrants who took part.     The winner of the Monthly Medal with a very good score of 77(12)65 was George Grant, and he was closely followed in second place by the evergreen John Hume on 71(5)66; and in third place on 74(7)67(bih) was Bruce Bett.     Fourth prize went to Graeme Kerr on 90(23)67(2ndbih), and fifth to Daniel Pringle also on 76(9)67.     The lowest scratch score of 70 came from Donald Ballantyne.    Seven players managed to record two’s at the nominated holes, with Donald Ballantyne; Scott McDonald; Daniel Pringle and Mitch Thomson picking them up at the 6th, and Bruce Bett; John Hume; and Liam Cassidy managing to hole out in 2 at the 18th.    All of these lucky players picked up £4 for their valiant efforts.     The entry fee was £3, making a total of £174 from the 58 entrants; £125 was paid out in cash to the winners and £28 to the two’s winners, making a contribution of £21 to the contingency fund.