The Seniors Open 3-Man Team Tournament - 5.6.18

The Open Seniors 3 Man Team Tournament took place on Tuesday, 5th June, 2018, and a total of fifteen teams took part.     The winners on the day were Robert J. Wilson, Gerald Beggs and Alan Brown with a very good score of 127.     Second were Les Rutherford, Peter Henderson and Andy Pickersgill on net 129 (bih), and third were Jim Farrell, Jackson Cockburn and Ronnie Douglas also on a net score of 129.     Nearest the hole at the 6th/15th was Jim Nicol (Peebles) who won a box of beer donated by Jocky Hume, and at the 9th/18th it was Graham Ford (Galashiels) who won £20 donated by Alistair McVie.     Four people managed to get a 2 at the nominated holes and these were John Berthinussen (Galashiels) and John O Hardie (Galashiels) at the 7th; and Brian Faulkner (Peebles) and Colin McArthur (Innerleithen) at the 18th, and they each received £10 for their efforts.     The entry fee was £24 per team, making a total of £360 from the fifteen entrants; £270 was paid out in cash to the winners and £40 to the two’s winners, with £50 going to the contingency fund.