Xela Scaffolding Grouse Trophy - 13.4.19

The Xela Scaffolding Grouse Trophy was played on Saturday, 13th April, 2019, as a 3-man team competition and a total of 12 teams took part.     Two of the net scores from each of the players counted for the final score.     Conditions were very good and, although there was a cold south easterly breeze, the weather was dry and sunny.     On this occasion it was the team of Norman Purves, Bruce Bett, and Jocky Hume who triumphed with a score of net 132, with the team of Chris Kemp, David Heard, Jr, and Stuart Kemp coming in second with a net 135.     The third team consisting of Les Rutherford, Peter Henderson and Andy Pickersgill recorded a score of net 137.     Nearest-the-hole at the 9th/18th was Mitch Thomson who managed to get a 'hole in one', and he was rewarded for this feat with a prize of £15.     Only three people managed to get an individual two at the 6th/15th hole, and these were Matthew Brass, Les McAllister and Bruce Bett who each received £5 for their efforts.    The entry fee was £15 per team, making a total of £180 from the 12 entrants; £135 was paid out in cash to the winners and £15 to the two’s winners, with the remaining £15 going to the contingency fund.