Alex Ponton Memorial Cup - 20.4.19

The Alex Ponton Memorial Cup, sponsored by South East Heating, was played on Saturday, 20th April, 2019, as a two man texas scramble.     The weather was warm and sunny with a light south east wind.     The winners on the day were Dante Brugnoni & Scott Galloway with a very good score of 66 (7) 59, followed by the team of Jim Rae & Donald Ballantyne on 62 (2) 60; with Norman Roxburgh & Ian Wilkie in third place with a score of 68 (7) 61.     Six teams managed to get two's at the nominated holes, and this time it was Rutherford & Henderson; Finlay & MacGregor and Douglas & Walton at the 6th; and Brugnoni & Galloway; Coyle & Kerr; and Beggs & Wilson at the 18th, with each team receiving £5 per team for their efforts.     The entry fee was £10 per team, making a total of £180 from the 18 entrants; £150 was paid out to the winners and £30 to the two’s winners, leaving the contingency fund all square.