Elliot Henderson Stableford - 24.8.19


The Elliot Henderson Stableford Trophy sponsored by John Coyle, coupled with the inaugural competition for the W. F. Lindsay Memorial Cup, was played on Saturday, 24th August, 2019, in perfect sunny weather.     The leader with an excellent score of 45 points was Grant Kinghorn, who was followed by Peter Henderson on 40 points.     Matthew |Brass was overall third with 38 points. Three persons managed to score two's at the nominated holes and these were Alistair McVie; Jim Rae and Ian Stephenson all at the 18th hole, each picked up £6 for their efforts.     With 37 members taking part, and the entry fee being £3 a total of £111 was raised, but with John Coyle adding his sponsorship money for prizes, the final total was £171.     With £150 being paid to the winners, and £18 to the 2’s winners, this left £3 for the contingency fund.     The W.F. Lindsay Memorial Cup, which was played in conjunction with the Lady Members in their own competition, was won by Grant Kinghorn.