Open 3-Man Team Competition - 25.8.19

The Selkirk Open 3-Man Team competition took place on Sunday, 25th August, 2019, in perfectly sunny weather, if not a little hot at times.     A disappointing total of only 10 teams took part, but a good day was held by all and the winners with a nett score of 121 was the team of John Coyle; Scott Galloway and Hughie Macdonald.     Second on a score of 123 was the team of Jackson Cockburn; Bruce Bett and Gordon MacGregor, and they were followed by the Melrose team of Richard Buckley; Kris MacLeod and David Shiel on a score of 125.     Three teams managed to get a hole in 2 at the nominated holes and these were the Cockburn team at the 6th: and the Henderson and Rae led teams at the 18th, each of them received £15 per team for their efforts.     The entry fee per team was £24, making a total of £240 from the ten teams.     The sum of £180 was paid out in cash to the winners, and with £45 going to the two's winners this left £14 for the contingency fund.