J.M. Little Competition - 31.8.19 and 7.9.19

The J. M. Little competition this year was under the stewardship of the Assistant Match Secretary Bruce Bett.    The first round was held on Saturday, 31st August, 2019, and a poor entry of only 22 members took part.    The winners of the 1st Round were Iain Clark with a score of 72(2)71; second was Rodney Pow on 78(6)72; and third was Bill Walton on 88(15)73.    Only one player scored a two at the nominated holes and that was Les McAllister at the 7th, for which he received £11 for his effort.    The entry fee was £3, making a total of £66 from the 22 players; £50 was paid to the winners with £11 to the 2's winner, thus leaving £5 to be carried forward.    The 2nd Round was played on Saturday, 7th September, 2019 and the winners of this round were first Donald Ballantyne with a magnificent score of 66(1)65; second was Ian Potts on 83(17)(66); and third was Scott McDonald on 75(6)69.    Six players managed to score a two at the nominated holes, and these were Donald Ballantyne; Les Rutherford; Mitch Thomson & Andrew Webster at the 6th, with Bruce Bett & Scott McDonald performing the same feat at the 18th, each receiving £4 for their efforts.    The entry fee was £3, making a total of £93 from the 31 members who took part; £60 was paid out to the winners, and with £24 going to the 2's winners, this left £14 for the contingency fund.    The overall result produced a more than worthy winner in the shape of Donald Ballantyne with a net score of 140; followed by Rodney Pow on 144 and Bill Walton on 145(bsr).