October Medal & Brown Cup - 12.10.19

The October Medal & Brown Cup competition took place on Saturday, 12th October, 2019, in lovely sunny weather, but with fairly strong winds.     A total of 32 members took part and the winner with an excellent score of 70(7)61 was Donald Ballantyne.     Second was Thomas Bell on a score of 73(4)63; and third was our Vice Captain John Coyle on 74(10)64.     Six players managed to
score a two at the nominated holes, and these were David Beveridge; Scott Galloway and Jim Rae at the 6th hole; with John Coyle performing the same feat at the 18th; whilst Donald Ballantyne managed it at both of these holes, all of them receiving the princely sum of £3 per hole for their efforts.     Entry money was £3 making a total of £95 from the 32 entrants; £65 was paid out in cash to the winners; and with £18 going to the two’s winner, this left £12 for the contingency fund.