Match Secretary's Choice - 19.10.19

On Saturday, 19th October, 2019, the ‘Match Secretary’s Choice’ for the day was American Foursomes, a variation of greensome, where both players drive off, then play their partners ball before deciding which ball to select to finish the hole playing alternate strokes, and using the stableford points scoring system.     A total of fifteen teams took part this year.     Unfortunately due to heavy rain for most of the day the competition was eventually reduced to a nine hole event.     The winners with a very good score of 20 points was the team of Iain Clark & Mark Easson, only one point ahead of their nearest rivals Grieg Temple and Scott Galloway on 19 points.     Third, on 17 points (best last six) was the husband and wife team of Les & Kirsten McAllister.     Five teams managed to get a two at one of the nominated holes, these being the teams of Clark & Easson at the 6th; Brown & Welsh; Marjorie & Jim Rae at the 9th, whilst the team of Glynis & Ranald Wilkie performed this feat at both these holes; each team receiving £6 per hole for their efforts.     Hidden prizes of a bottle of wine each were given to the team of Matthew Brass & Graeme Bell who were the lowest scoring golfers of the day, and also to John & Moira Wilson who had the highest score recorded at any hole, being a nine at the 1st.    The entry fee was £10 per team, making a total£150; of this sum £120 was paid out in cash to the winners, and with £30 going to the 2's teams, this left the contingency fund all square.