Return to Playing Golf - 29.05.20

I have great pleasure in sharing with you the good news that the Scottish Government have relaxed the 'lock-down' process as of Friday, 29th May.

They have allowed golf clubs to open up, at least to a limited extent, providing our members follow the guidelines issued by the Scottish Golf Union.

Members will appreciate that in the current circumstances we will be strictly scrutinised by other members of the public, particularly those who share the public space which the golf club occupies, but also by those who are concerned about the relaxation of the Coronavirus guidelines.

We trust our membership to do the right think and stick to the rules, although it must emphasised that non-compliance could cause the Golf Club serious problems and may lead to the course being closed again.    Remember that we will be under a microscope, so let us all do the right thing and comply with the rules.

Visitors will not be allowed, at least in the initial stages, and in order to prevent numbers of members turning up at the same time to play golf and thereby compromising the social distancing rules, each golf club has been advised to introduce an online booking system.     Members will therefore only be allowed on the course, provided they are pre-booked on the on-line system which has been installed.

Logging in to 'Master Scoreboard' requires all users to provide a username and password to gain access to the web pages.    Members of the Club are included on a list maintained by the system and the default individual password has been sent to them by e-mail or they have been contacted by telephone.

Members should login to the Selkirk Golf Club entry for Master Scoreboard, then select their name from the drop down list, enter the password, and log in.    They will then be requested to set and confirm a new password unique to themselves.    This new password will be used for future login's.

Once the above process has been completed the member will be presented with the Club's main Master Scoreboard page.    In order to book a tee time click on 'future competitions'.    You will then be presented with a list of 'dummy' competitions which will be available on a daily basis for booking a tee time.     You will note that you can only book less than seven days in advance, and the tee times are available from 7.30am until 8pm.    The booking system closes at 8pm and you will not be able to book for the following day after that time.

Select the appropriate day; click the 'Book' box; select the time which you wish to reserve; you will then see a confirmation of your booking.    It is important that the system is not abused by members, who are asked to use common sense and discretion when booking their tee times.    Cancellation of a previous book can be achieved by a similar process.

PLEASE NOTE:- The guidelines agreed between the Scottish Government and the Golf Union state that all clubhouse facilities must remain closed. Members must therefore remove their clubs and trolleys from the locker room/trolley shed.    To this end the Captain has arranged to be at the clubhouse between 10am and 1pm on Wednesday 27th and Thursday 28th to allow members to collect their clubs/trolleys.