Monthly Medal, Champ. Qual. No. 2 + The Murray Cleghorn Memorial Trophy - 8.08.20

A Monthly Medal (sponsored by N.W. Purves) and Championship Qualifying No. 2; combined with The Murray Cleghorn Memorial Trophy (Sponsored by the Cleghorn family) was played on Saturday, 8st August, 2020, on a lovely warm day with a mixture of clouds and sunny periods and light winds.     The successful contestants in the Medal were first David Heard with a score of 74(10)64(bih), and he was followed in second place by Gerald Beggs on the same net score of 80(16)64     In third place on a score of 86(21)65 was Jordan Reid ; whilst fourth place was taken by Liam Cassidy on a score of 80(14)66(bih).     In fifth place was our much reduced handicapper Ian Main on the same score of 90(24)66.     Prizes of £40; £30; £20; £15: and £10 were awarded to the five winners.     The lowest gross score of 71(bih) was recorded by our Iain Clark, and he received a prize of £20 for his efforts.     Only three of the contestants had the necessary skill to hole out in two at the nominated holes, and these were our worthy Captain John Coyle at the 6th hole; with Chris Kemp and Tom Welsh managing the same feat at the 18th; each of them receiving the princely sum of £10 for their efforts.     A total of 59 entrants took part in the competition; the entry fee was £3 each making a total of £177; £135 was paid out in prize money; and with £30 being paid to the two's winners, this left £12 for the contingency fund.   

The Murray Cleghorn Memorial Trophy includes the lady members of the club, who play in a separate competition in the afternoon.     As the SSS for gents is 68 and the SSS for ladies is 69 the only way equity could be achieved in this unique competition is by adding an additional stroke to each of the lady members handicaps.     Using this formula the Trophy was won by Martine Pow with a score of 66(2)64 which equalled the net score of the gents winner, but she won by having the best score in the  last 6 holes.   The winner of this competition received a prize of £50 kindly donated by the Cleghorn family.      A special prize of £50 was donated by Martine Pow for nearest the hole at the 18th, and the most skilled (or luckiest) player in the field was Colin Finlay who managed to get his ball to stop 104cm (41 inches) from the hole.     

A total of £325 (including the £50 prize won by Martine) was generously donated by the clubs members towards the Cleghorn Family's charity of choice.     They have decided to divide half of the money to each of the following charities - The ITP Support Association which aims to provide support to the families of people who suffer from this condition (ITP is a medical term for an autoimmune disease causing a shortage of platelets in the blood, rather similar but distinctly different from haemophilia) and The British Heart Foundation which helps to fund life saving research into heart and circulatory disease.        

The leading contenders for the Championship Qualifying after two rounds were as follows:-

Club Championship - Donald Ballantyne; Michael McVie; Scott Galloway; Iain Clark; Stephen Henderson; Colin Finlay; Thomas Bell and Les McAllister

'B' Championship    - Peter Henderson; Les Rutherford; Liam Cassidy; Eric Middlemas; Graeme Bell; Norman Purves; Mitch Thomson and David Main

'C' Championship    - Ron Robertson; Tom Welsh; Alan Wheelans; Kris MacLeod; Jordan Reid; Ian Main; Greg Fenton and Alan Brown