Monthly Medal, Champ. Qual. No. 3 + The Centenary Cup - 15.08.20

A Monthly Medal (sponsored by Brown & Muir) and Championship Qualifying No. 3; combined with The Centenary Cup (Sponsored by Jim Farrell) was played on Saturday, 15st August, 2020, on a lovely warm day with a mixture of clouds and sunny periods and light winds.     The successful contestants in the Medal were first John Hume with a score of 71(6)65(bih), and he was followed in second place by Graeme Bell on the same net score of 79(14)65(2ndbih)     In third place also on a score of 76(11)65(3rdbih) was Craig Niven ; whilst fourth place was taken by Liam Cassidy also on a score of 78(13)65(4thbih).     In fifth place was Bill Walton on a score of 81(15)66(bih), and in sixth place on the same score of 81(15)66 was Ron Robertson.     Prizes of £40; £30; £20; £15: £10 and £5 were awarded to the six winners.     The lowest gross score of 67 was recorded by Paul McVie, and he received a prize of £25 for his efforts.     Five of the contestants had the necessary skill to hole out in two at the nominated holes, and these were Stephen Henderson at the 6th hole; with Paul McVie; Graeme Bell; Grant Gill and Ian Main managing the same feat at the 18th; each of them receiving the princely sum of £8 for their efforts.     A total of 62 entrants took part in the competition; the entry fee was £3 each making a total of £186; £145 was paid out in prize money; and with £40 being paid to the two's winners, this left £1 for the contingency fund.       In The Centenary Cup, which is a stableford competition, five players recorded a score of 39 points, but the winner with an inward half  of 22 points was John Hume.

The Pollock Cup, awarded to the player with the best two net scores in the Club Championship qualifying rounds, was Ian Main with two net scores of 58 and 66, making a total of 124, being five strokes ahead of his nearest rival.


The  Championship Qualifiers are as follows:-

Club Championship - Paul McVie(137); Donald Ballantyne(141); Stephen

                              Henderson(142); Michael McVie(142); Scott Galloway(142);

                              Iain Clark(144); Colin Finlay(145); and John Hume(149).       

                              Reserves are: Les McAllister(150) and Thomas Bell(150)  

'B' Championship    - Peter Henderson(149); Les Rutherford(154); Mark Easson(157);

                              Craig Niven(158) Liam Cassidy(158); David Heard(159); Graeme

                              Bell(160); and Norman Purves(161).       

                              Reserves are: George Grant(162) and Eric Middlemas(163)

'C' Championship    - Gerald Beggs(161); Ron Robertson(163); Ian Potts(172); Kris

                              MacLeod(175); Tom Welsh(177); Alan Wheelans(177); Jordan

                              Reid(178); and Alan Brown(178).       

                              Reserves: Ian Main(179); and Greg Fenton(180) 

The Championship draw is taking place at 8pm on Monday, 17th August, 2020, and it should be noted that the first two qualifiers in each category will be ceded.


Championship Timings:-

Saturday, 22nd August      -     Club Championship 1st Round:-       

                                             Ties at 09.00am; 09.08am; 09.16am; 09.24am

                                             'B' Championship 1st Round:-         

                                             Ties at 11.44am; 11.52am; 12.00pm; 12.08pm

                                                          'C' Championship 1st Round:-              

                                             Ties at 12.24pm; 12.32pm; 12.40pm; 12.48pm

Monday, 24th August        -      Club Championship Semi-Final:-       

                                             Ties at 17.30pm and 17.40pm

Wednesday, 26th August   -      'B' Championship Semi-Final:-           

                                             Ties at 17.30pm and 17.40pm

Thursday, 27th August      -      Ladies Championship Semi-Final:-     

                                             Ties at 17.00pm and 17.10pm

                                             'C' Championship Semi-Final:-           

                                             Ties at 17.30pm and 17.40pm

Saturday, 29th August      -      Club Championship Final (36 holes):- 

                                             Starting at 12.30pm and 16.30pm

                                             Ladies Championship Final:- Starting at 12.40pm

                                             'B' Championship Final:-       Starting at 12.50pm

                                             'C' Championship Final:-       Starting at 1.00pm