Monthly Medal + Brown & Smith Cups - 5.9.20

A Monthly Medal sponsored by Heatherlie Garage + The Brown & Smith Cups competition took place on Saturday, 5th September, 2020, in overcast conditions with sunny spells, but with fairly strong winds.     A total of 46 members took part in the competition, and the winner of the medal and also the Smith Cup, with a score of 76(10)66, was Les Rutherford.    Second was Matthew Brass on a score of 76(9)67(bih); third was one of our new members Greg Fenton also on 87(20)67; and fourth was Mark Easson on a score of 79(11)68(bih).    These players received prizes of £40; £30; £20 and £10 respectively.    Only one lucky player managed to score a hole in two at the nominated holes and that was Andrew Webster at the 6th and he received the princely sum of £23 for his efforts.      Entry money was £3 making a total of £138 from the 46 entrants; £100 was paid out in cash to the winners; and with £23 going to the two’s winner, this left £15 for the contingency fund.     With seven monthly medals now having been played, the winner of the Brown Cup has also been established, and on this year which has become memorable for all the wrong reasons, the player with the best three scores recorded during the course of these medal rounds was David Heard with scores of net 61; 64 and 70, making a grand total of 195, two shots ahead of his nearest rival Thomas Bell.