Stableford Trophy & Bogey Trophy - 12.9.20

A combined competition comprising the Stableford Trophy, sponsored by Four Seasons Contracting, and the Bogey Trophy (where entrants take part in a match against the course) was organisewd and took place on Saturday, 12th September, 2020, in overcast conditions with sunny spells, but with strong winds.     A total of 50 members took part in the competitions, and the winner of the Stableford Trophy, with a score of 39 points, was Gerald McMorrow.    Second was Graeme Bell on a score of 37 points(bih); third was Chris Kemp also on 37 points (2ndbih); fourth was Ian Main also on a score of 37 points; and fifth was Les Rutherford on 36 points.    These players received prizes of £40; £30; £20; £10 and £5 respectively.    Only two  players managed to score a hole in two at the nominated holes and these were Paul McVie at the 7th and Eric Middlemas at the 18th, each receiving the princely sum of £12 for their efforts.     The entry fee was £3 per player, and with 50 members taking part the total sum received was £150.     A total of £105 was paid out in prizes to the winners, and with the two's winners receiving £24, this left £21 for the contingency fund.     The result of the Bogey Trophy was a close run event with the eventual winner being decided on the best last six holes, the victor once again being Gerald McMorrow who ended the game being two up on the course, beating his closest rival Chris Kemp by the narrowest of margins.