Selkirk Rosebowl & Alex Ponton Memorial Cup - 19.9.20

A unique event was played on Saturday, 19th September, 2020, when two man teams played a better ball game on the 1st nine holes and a Texas Scramble on the 2nd nine holes, with the Selkirk Rosebowl being awarded to the team with the best net score on the 1st nine, and the Alex Ponton Memorial Cup (sponsored by South East Heating) being awarded to the team with the lowest net score on the 2nd nine.     A very good entry of 22 teams took part, and with the weather being bright and sunny with moderate northeast winds, the scoring by the two man teams was excellent with only ten shots separating the first and last teams on the 1st nine and 12 shots on the 2nd nine.     The Selkirk Rosebowl was won by Hughie Macdonald & Grant Kinghorn with a net score of 26; second was the team of Iain Clark & Mark Easson on 28; and third was David Heard & Ron Robertson on 29(best last six holes).      In the Alex Ponton Memorial Cup the winners were David Heard & Ronald Robertson on a score of 32(6)26; second was the team of Andrew Webster & Mitch thomson on 34(7)27(best last six holes) and third was Tom Welsh & Alan Brown also on 36(9)27(2nd best last six holes).      In both competitions the winning teams were awarded prizes of £40; £30 and £20 respectively.     Three teams managed to get a two at both the 6th & 18th holes, these being Thomson & Webster; Heard & Robertson & Clark & Easson; one team managed to get a two at the 6th only, that being the team of Cockburn & Raphael; and three teams managed to get a two at the 18th only, these being Hume & Pow; McMorrow & MacLeod & Rutherford & Henderson; each of these teams receiving the paltry sum of £2 per hole for each of the seven teams.     The entry fee was £10 per team, making a total of £220 from the 22 teams; £180 was paid out in cash to the winners, and with £20 going to the two's winners, this left £20 for the contingency fund.      Despite all of the problems associated with running such an event, the members embraced the occasion and seemed to enjoy the peculiarity of this special competition.     Regardless of the doubts expressed by some of the contestants, and it must be admitted by the organisers too, I can report without reservation that the score cards were completed perfectly.