The J.M. Little Competition - 26. & 27.9.20

The J. M. Little competition this year was played as a thirty six hole event over two consecutive days.    The first round was held on Saturday, 26th September, 2020, and a very good entry of 47 members took part.    The leaders after the 1st Round were Matthew Brass with a score of 76(9)67; second was Robert Falconer on 82(14)68; and third was Gordon Inglis also on a score of 77(9)68.    A further three players, including Donald Ballantyne, were on 69 and a total of six players, including Les Rutherford, were on a score of 71.    The 2nd Round was played on Sunday, 27th September, 2020 and the winners of this round were first Gerald Beggs with a very good score of 80(14)66; second was Craig Niven on 78(11)67; and third was George Grant on 78(11)67.    A further four players, including Donald Ballantyne and Less Rutherford were on a score of 68, and another four players, including Gordon Inglis were on a score of 69.   Matthew Brass, leader on the 1st round, had a score of 81(9)72.

The overall result and winners of the J.M. Little were:  First - Donald Ballantyne with scores of 69 & 68 (137);  Second - Gordon Inglis with scores of 68 & 69 (137);  Third - Les Rutherford with scores of 71 & 68 (139); and Fourth was Matthew Brass on scores of 67 & 72 (139).       It should be noted that this is the second consecutive time that Donald has won this competition.      Prizes of £70; £50; £40 and £20 respectively were awarded to these winners.     A further prize of £25 was awarded to the player with the lowest gross score and on this occasion the prize was given to Scott Galloway with scores of 76 & 73 (149).    Eleven players managed to score a two at the nominated holes over the two days (6th & 18th on the Saturday and 7th & 18th on the Sunday)and these were on the Saturday - Norman Roxburgh; Donald Ballantyne; David Heard; and Robert Falconer at the 6th; with Gerald McMorrow at the 18th; whilst Matthew Brass achieved this feat at both holes.    On the Sunday nobody managed to score a two at the 7th; but Norman Roxburgh (again); Scott Galloway; Les Rutherford; and John Hume did so at the 18th.   Over the two days each of these players were awarded the sum of £4per hole for their efforts.  

The entry fee for this event was £6, making a total of £282 from the 47 entrants; £205 was paid out in prize money to the winners, and with £44 going to the 2's winners, this left £33 for the contingency fund.