The W.F. Lindsay Memorial Cup - 10.10.20

The competition for the W.F. Lindsay Memorial Cup was played on Saturday, 10th October, 2020, in reasonable weather conditions with moderate to strong wins from the north west; sunshine and light showers during most of the day, although a heavy shower caught the last group of players at the 18th hole.     The player of the day and a stalwart member of the golf club, who amassed a total of 42 points over his eighteen holes, was none other than Dante Brugnoni.    Second was Paul McVie on 37 points (bih); third was Mitch Thomson also on 37 points; fourth was Les McAllister on 36 points (bih); and fifth was Grant Kinghorn also on 36 points.     Prizes of £45;£35; £25; £15 and £10 respectively were awarded to these winners.     Only two players managed to get a hole in two at the nominated holes (7th & 18th) and these were Dante Brugnoni and Les Rutherford who both achieved this feat at the 18th hole and received £15 each for their efforts.     One notable occurrence was a 'hole in one' accomplished by George Grant at the 15th hole and he celebrated this achievement in the time honoured fashion.     The entry fee was £3, making a total of £180 from the 60 members who participated; £130 was paid out on prize money to the winners, and with £30 being paid to the 2's winners, this left £20 for the contingency fund.