23/04/16 April Medal


In last Saturday's April Medal and Brown Cup, sponsored by Les Millar Garage Services, Greig Temple was in top gear as he motored round in a net 63 to win on the better inward half from the finely tuned Thomas Bell.

There were also good scores from father and son McVie - Alistair had three twos in the last four holes and Michael had the best scratch score of the day - and from last week's winner Jock Easson.

Results  :-  1  G.Temple    net 63

                   2  T.Bell                  63

                   3  A.McVie             65

                   4  J.Easson             65

                   5  M.McVie           65

Twos :-     D.Johnston, A.Kerr and M.Thomson at the 7th.   J.Coyle and A.McVie at the 18th.

This week's sympathy is reserved for Ian Wilkie whose recent mastery of the game is now a mystery.

Next week's competition is the Alex Ponton Memorial Cup which is in the form of a Pairs Texas Scramble.  So, gentlemen, take your partners.