21/05/16 Championship Qualifier 2

The wind played havoc with the scoring in last Saturday's May Medal and Brown Cup competition which was also the second qualifying round for the Club Championships.  The best scratch score of the day was a five over par 73.

Chris Kemp had his best score for three years to be one of four players on that score and  to win the May Medal.  Norman Purves - who has now recovered from a recent bout of Falkirk Fever - had a fine round of net 69 for second prize. 

Results :-  1  C.Kemp          net 67

                  2  N.Purves               69

                  3  A.Kerr                   70

                  4  I.Clark                    71

                   5  M.Brass                71

                  6  R.Pow                    72

               Scr  P.McVie                73 

Twos :-   G.Inglis & L.Rutherford at the 6th hole.  S.Galloway,  J.Rae, W.MacDonald, N.Roxburgh and G.Inglis (again) at the 18th. 

This week's sympathy goes to Andrew Webster who was enjoying a nice quiet round until twice being disturbed by the music of Al Jolson. 

Next Saturday it's the third and final qualifying round of the Club Championships, with two out of three rounds counting.