9th Hole


Golf has been played over the Selkirk hill since the club was founded in 1883, and in those days the clubhouse consisted of what could only be described as a large garden shed which was situated on the hill to the right of the first fairway near to the present green.   The first course was played in the opposite direction from the present one and must have featured some spectacular holes where the ball was played across the road on at least two occasions.     A plan of the old course, superimposed on the present one is on view in the clubhouse and it amply illustrates the changes which have taken place over the years.     The current course was laid out in 1924, by Willie Park Jr., from Musselburgh, a well known and industrious architect of golf courses, with 170 designs to his credit, in the British Isles; Europe; the USA and Canada.     One of his most notable designs in Britain was the Old Course of the Sunningdale Golf Club near London.      

Overlooking the town the golf course provides spectacular panoramic views over the surrounding countryside. 

The present clubhouse was built in 1927, but it was enlarged and refurbished in 1995, allowing the club to provide all the necessary facilities for the modern Golfer.